History and objective of De Stalling Amsterdam booking site

This booking site is a private initiative by Linda Tijssen and Jack van Lieshout.
In 2001, they started the first bicycle facility in the Staatslieden neighbourhood through the foundation Woord bij Daad and conducted the management as a neighbourhood facility besides their job. When more locations developed and the activities increased, this became a business project and was eventually continued in De Baron De Stalling BV, which has been the market leader for some time now with twenty-one De Stalling locations in various neighbourhoods in Amsterdam.

This booking site was set up in 2004 with the aim of helping more Amsterdam citizens to find  suitable storage facility for their bike close to home or work. All known local parking and storage facilities in the city are listed on the site and regularly updated.
General questions can be sent to info@stallingamsterdam.nl and all other specific questions about colleague's parking facilities can be communicated through the relevant contact information or directly through the booking form, and  in some cases by visiting a manager at the visiting address, usually a shop.

The neighbourhood parking facilities are outfitted for long-term parking on the basis of a contract for an indefinite period, usually with a month's notice. For short-term parking or holiday periods it will be more useful to go directly to the municipal parking facilities as the neighbourhood parking facilities provide no amenities for this.

Select the desired storage location if you should like to park your bicycle for a longer period of time near your home or work. You can then make a booking through the registration form. The manager will contact you to make an appointment if a place is available, otherwise you will remain on the booking list until one is available.

Long and short-term parking is facilitated at an increasing number of parking locations in the city that have been set up by the City of Amsterdam and are managed by third parties. Go directly to the city site for the various locations in different neighbourhoods; these parking facilities are mainly located in the centre of the city. Parking facilities are also available at the various train stations, where both long and short-term parking is available.

Rates may vary by location and are subject to the last current adjustment made by the manager. In addition to the storage fee for the rented place, a security deposit is usually charged at the start of the rental, often a fixed separate amount, which is sometimes linked to the amount of a specific rental period.

What type of vehicles can be stored?

In most facilities, bicycles can be placed in a rack; several types of racks are being used. Sometimes there is room for different types of bicycles such as cargo bikes, fat-bikes or other large, wide or long bicycles in a separate space, which can then be rented at a higher rate. Scooters and motorcycles have fixed spaces in the parking facilities where this option is provided. The parking manager, location and layout determine the possibilities. Additionally, there are storage facilities in basements and also here, the storage possibilities are limited.

At De Baron De Stalling BV, we offer space for prams and different types of bicycles where possible, however, this is not guaranteed. Again, it depends on the location whether such options are available and the places are usually very limited.

At a number of locations, mentioned separately on the site, storage units can be rented which vary in size and price. Availability is mentioned on the site. The conditions at De Baron De Stalling BV are the same for all locations, but may differ for locations of other managers. 

Malfunctions, address changes, change of payment account, problems with a key, questions in general and cancellations are sent directly via the contact page to the relevant manager. 

As mentioned above, De Baron De Stalling BV is market leader in Amsterdam and provides a safe place for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles in the city. All parking facilities are fitted with electronic computer-controlled locks, multiple locks on solid doors which are operated through a personal chip key. All De Baron De Stalling BV bicycle facilities are equipped with camera systems, which other operators often have as well. The bicycles can usually be anchored to the rack where they are parked. All scooters and motorcycles can be anchored to the floor at De Baron De Stalling BV, which possibility is often also provided elsewhere.

De Baron De Stalling BV provides power for trickle chargers and regular chargers, which are also usually available elsewhere. If vehicles are charged on a regular basis at the parking facility, a fee may be charged.

All parking facilities are regularly checked for safety, ease of operation, regularly cleaned and everything is done to provide a pleasant and safe storage area for all customers.

Direct communication is essential. In the event something is up with regard to a facility, this can be reported by the customer and action will be taken. At De Baron De Stalling BV we communicate through a newsletter in the parking-facility area, by mail in general and by telephone individually if necessary. 
Service and support are of paramount importance, and every effort is made to guarantee this. Our colleagues do their utmost to offer the same and we are constantly considering tips and ideas and how to improve the service, yet also complaints are useful.   

The manager of a parking facility is of course responsible for the management of his or her parking facility. Nevertheless, all customers with their bicycles use the parking facility at their own risk, which provision applies throughout the Netherlands. The professional management, the electronic locks, cameras and easy access to a manager and his or her commitment to provide a safe parking facility, has been a solid guarantee for safe parking for years and fits in with a long Amsterdam tradition: neighbourhood parking facilities are inherent to the city. 

Safely parking your bike, scooter or motorcycle in a parking facility in Amsterdam starts with a booking on this site. Hopefully a place will soon be available.

Linda Tijssen and Jack van Lieshout     

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