Rental Agreement for De Stalling 1

De Stalling 1: Groen van Prinstererstraat 59hs, 1052 EK Amsterdam
Intended for the storage of a bicycle - scooter - motorcycle or.................. 
This contract is prepared in duplicate.

This agreement was concluded on     /     /2021

De Baron De Stalling BV
Van Boetzelaerstraat 72-2, 1051 EB Amsterdam

Telephone: Jack van Lieshout, 06-26070538, information & urgent matters
Or Linda Tijssen, 06-51605980, administration and payment matters  

Bank account: NL14RABO 0334499259


Address: Postcode:


E-mail address:
ID check: yes/no      
Key number 1:
Key number 2: Storage place number:

Terms and conditions

The lessor checks, cleans, repairs and replaces anything that is necessary for a neat, proper and accessible facility on a regular basis.
De Stalling is fitted with a special lock for keys with a unique computer code; every customer receives a unique key. 
In the event of non-payment, the lessor reserves the right, see point 4f and/or negligent use, see point 2a and/or improper use, see points 2b 3a 3c 3d and 3e, to change the computer code in such a way that the key no longer provides access to De Stalling and to terminate the agreement subsequently.
2a. The lessee declares to be familiar with the operation of the lock and, when leaving the 
premises, closes the door in the appropriate manner and checks that the door is properly locked. 
2b. The lessee is expressly not allowed to provide the key to third parties for their use or to 
      use the key to grant third parties access to De Stalling.
The lessee shall place his bicycle(s) exclusively in the designated storage place(s).
3a.  Bicycles in storage are expected to be ready for use.
3b.  Use of De Stalling as a workshop (fixing tires, oil change, etc.) is not allowed, nor as a
       meeting place (hanging around, smoking, eating, drinking, playing music, etc.). 
3c.  Causing damage to the storage facility itself (including daubing walls) 
       and to the bicycles present in the storage is not allowed.

3d.  Use of De Stalling as a storage for materials other than the bicycle itself is not allowed. It 
       is strictly forbidden to store volatile gases, oil, petrol or batteries, etc. in De Stalling.
3e.  De Stalling is a neighbourhood facility with neighbours who live next to it, above it and 
may be resident across the street; any action that leads to complaints and which are found to be justified after investigation, shall be a reason for a serious warning and in the event of a repeat offence, the contract will be immediately dissolved.
Payment of rent shall be made exclusively through a direct-debit system with regard to which the lessee has provided the lessor with an authorisation upon the conclusion of this contract.
Even in the case of reversal of payment, the lessee will be responsible for timely payment. This does not apply in the case the lessee pays for an annual period in once, whether in cash or otherwise.
4a. When entering into this agreement, the lessee pays a deposit of € 50 for the key, free of 
      VAT; the rent is inclusive of 21% VAT. 
4b. The rental price for storing a bicycle amounts to € 13.50 per month and is debited every 
      quarter (€ 40.50). We charge € 1.50 p/m for charging a (motor)bike.
4c. The rent for the storage of a scooter is € 40 per month.
4d. The rent for the storage of a motorbike amounts to € 60 per month. 
4e. The rent for the storage of..................... is €.......per month.
4f.  In the event of payment arrears, the lessee will be notified by telephone or through a 
written invitation to come and pay the amount due at the office of the lessor. If the lessee does not comply with this, the system will be modified in a way that his/her key will no longer give access. 
      The bicycle can be returned to the lessee after payment of the amount due, plus payment 
      of administration charges and other costs necessarily resulting from the breach of contract. 
      In that case, the lessor shall exercise its right of retention until the amount owed has been 
4g. In case of loss of the key or in case of damage caused by the lessee, the deposit must be 
      paid again by the lessee.
4h. The lessor may increase the storage rent annually. The manager must give at least two
      months' notice with respect to this.
The lessee stores his or her bicycle at his or her own risk. The manager is not liable for theft or destruction of the bicycle and any accompanying items such as child seats, panniers, helmets and so on. The lessee is advised to lock his or her bicycle with solid locks. The lessor can in no way be held liable for any damage or injury caused in De Stalling.
5a. The lessee shall report any irregularities in De Stalling and destruction or theft of his 
      or her bicycle to the lessor without delay.
The lessor is permitted to terminate this agreement unilaterally as a result of the consequences arising from the events mentioned under point 2 2a 2b 3 to 3 and/or 4f.
6a. The lessee shall terminate the agreement with 1 (one) month’/30 days’ notice by email or 
      in writing; this can be at any day of the month. The contract is dissolved upon 
      confirmation by the lessor.
      An amount of € 50 is paid as a deposit. This amount will be returned after cancellation  
      and return of the chip key if all payments have been made prior to the cancellation.  
      Return payment will be made in the month following the return of the chip key.

Manager’s signature Lessee’s signature

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