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Are all the storage facilities on the site provided by the same manager?
No: the initiator and manager of this site De Baron De Stalling BV, which is from 2004 and managed by Linda Tijssen and Jack van Lieshout, are currently managing twenty-one parking facilities as market leaders. Another five managers are available who provide multiple parking facilities: De Rijwielstalling, Bike Boxx and Ton Fiets and BVD Tweewielers, the others are individually managed by various operators. All managers are responsible for their own parking facilities, safety, maintenance and rates.
Are the facilities available for use 24/7?
Yes: all the neighbourhood parking facilities are accessible 24/7, in almost all cases by using an
electronic key, in a few cases by using a special key.
What is the difference between a neighbourhood parking and the parking facilities of the city of Amsterdam and NS (the railways)?
Neighbourhood storage facilities are used for long-term parking, which are accessible to customers 24/7 using their own key.
Short-stay parking is usually available at a city and/or NS parking facility. In addition, the door to a
neighbourhood parking facility is always locked by the customer after use, whereas at city parking
facilities, a manager is often available because they provide short-term parking, and the door is
always open during opening hours.
Do I have a fixed place in the storage facility?
All customers have a fixed place and at De Baron De Stalling BV, always with a name mentioned in
the storage. Bicycles are usually parked in a rack, scooters and motorcycles in a private space with
anchoring to the floor and a power point.
How safe is my bicycle in the storage?
Electronic keys are connected through an access control system in almost all neighbourhood storage facilities, and cameras and other features are installed to ensure security. Only regular customers have access. In all neighbourhood storage facilities as well as in all other storages in the Netherlands, the customer is ultimately responsible for his or her own bicycle or other stored objects. The client stores his/her bicycle or other objects in the storage facility at his/her own risk. Bicycles placed in the storage facility may be covered by their own insurance.
Why are there price differences?
Each storage-facility manager provides certain services and amenities, rent and costs differ and not every storage facility has the same level of services and amenities.
In addition, some managers offer a storage facility alongside other business activities, such as bicycle sales and repair, in which case the facility is part of their service and has a different revenue model. In all other cases, each storage facility is a business in itself.
What is the term of the contract, for what period am I bound by it?
In almost all cases, a contract is signed for an indefinite period with a month's notice.
How current is the information on the website?
The website is regularly updated to provide a clear overview of available spaces and the rates;
contact details and other relevant information are updated regularly. Market leader De Baron De
Stalling BV provides updates weekly for its own locations and all other sites are also updated when
If I have a question about a parking facility, want to report a malfunction, register or cancel, how do I do that?
The responsible manager can be called or emailed. In some cases communication takes place
personally through the shop that the storage facility is part of.
Can I move my bicycle, scooter or motorcycle from one storage facility to another?
No, first of all many managers just manage a single storage facility. A De Baron De Stalling BV, every customer has a contract and electronic key for a fixed parking space. There are no free places available in the respective storage facilities to move from one storage facility to the other. However, if a customer moves houses and a space becomes available in a parking facility of his choice which is often in a different neighbourhood, the customer can move to the other facility.
Why does one storage facility have space for a certain bicycle, scooter or motorcycle and the other doesn’t?
Each manager decides for himself which vehicles can be stored. Sometimes the accessibility of the
space or layout determines whether only bicycles can be stored at that location. An important
difference is that a number of storage spaces are located in cellars, sometimes it is a considered
choice of the manager.
Is power always available to charge the battery of my electric bike or scooter or for a trickle charger for my motorbike?
At all the locations of De Baron De Stalling BV and also in those of De Rijwielstalling, electricity is
available for those who wish to use it. In all other facilities it may vary whether this service is offered or not. The manager offering this service may charge a fee.
Can I repair or maintain my bicycle, scooter or motorcycle in the storage facility?
Most storage facilities have clear rules. Fixing a tire of a bicycle will not be a problem, but all other
actions that can make storage facility dirty by grease, lubrication, oil, etc. will be prohibited. In the
case of scooters and motorcycles, filling up with oil, polishing, etc. are potentially polluting activities that cause nuisance to the storage, other customers or the environment.
No permit is needed to manage a neighbourhood parking as long as no repairs take place at the
location and customers are not allowed to repair their vehicles in the storage facility. Often
environmental requirements are the reason why this is not allowed. Neither is starting your scooter or motorcycle in the facility and going in and out of the facility with a running engine.
In the event of a malfunction, incident and/or damage in the storage facility, how must this be reported and what action is required?
In case of an incident in the storage facility, this must be reported immediately to the manager; if
damage is caused to one's own belongings or another customer's belongings, this must also be reported immediately to the manager. In the event of an incident, the manager will then be able to investigate what happened and take appropriate measures. If the cause of any damage can be clearly linked to another customer, the relevant details can be exchanged which does not involve the manager.
Is my bicycle stored in a locked room separately or with other bicycles?
All storage facilities offer general areas for the storage of bicycles. In some cases there are separate areas for scooters and motorcycles which can be locked separately. Sometimes storage units can be rented where, besides other property, a bicycle can also be stored.
Can I come and see what the storage looks like?
This is usually not possible, simply because of the many arrangements being made with customers
who have made bookings. The manager does not live next door or above the storage facility. For
practical reasons, an appointment is only made to actually sign a contract. At first introductions to De Baron De Stalling BV and De Rijwielstalling, a valid identification is always requested. This usually also applies at other managers’ facilities.
If I have any questions, can I call or email the manager of the storage facility of my choice?
If you still have any questions, it’s always a good idea to contact the relevant manager, who can then help you.
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